Thursday, May 15, 2008


1.My young memories!
My mother used to feed us (five children...2 boys and 3 girls) rice and vegetable-curries mixed well with pickles and yogurt and make small balls and put it in our mouth.We used to fight each other for our turn. She is very reasonable and loving mother, a teacher by profession, used to sing songs or tell stories!

I remember that she used to tell stories of MahaBaratham, King: Harichandra ,Ramayanam, Nalan-Thamayanthy as well as Mahathma Gandhi's non-violence struggle for freedom of India from the brutal colonial British regime.She used to tell the important message of stories which wass basically teaching us the truth,love, justice, freedom, equality, peace, harmony as well as unity and progress at home as well as in homeland and world in large.

She used to tell us some tamil verses of poet:Kaniyan Poonguntranar" yathum oore! yavarum kelir", "theethum nanrum pirar thara vaaraa" that means, " all are my villages! all people are my relatives! Bad and good never come from others!(we have to create good for ourselves and avoid bad from others carefully!).

My interest on listening stories, singing songs both classical and tamil cinema songs, reading story books, playing dramas, writing poems and reading poems on poetry-stages, writing stories, editing and publishing magazines, writing and publishing books, organising societies or social service groups, travelling to pilgrimplaces or tourist/historical places or volunteer works among the people etc, had come from inspirations and innovations or inductions or imaginations from my parents talk or discussions or debate or examples, also from teachers,relatives and friends.

Both were trained teachers from a traditional village called Inuvil in Jaffna peninsula, with love,talents and interests in language,litterature,music,art,drama, speech,writing as well as enjoying these cultural finearts and histories.My father had special interests in politics,history, mathematics, economics, science and technology as well as human relations/ behaviour/ psycology. He used to talk very jovially and jokingly when he had his friends surround him especially uncle: Suntharalingam, a sigar roller who had a broad knowledge about Srilankan politics and history by listening local newspapers read by someone at "sigar huts" regularly. He was from Thavady village which is next to our village, and he is a cousin brother of my mother.

I used to sit closer to them and listened carefully,enjoyed their jokes and stories and sometimes asked questions to clarify my doubts about Srilankan politics and history as well as local stories and incidents which were very interesting!One day he was telling about Senathirajah murder case as well as Kokilambal murder case as well as talents of our popular advocate and political leader G.G.Ponnambalam in the courts.Both were admirers of GG and talked and laughed about his and other advocates talents and weaknesses. I was surprised to hear those stories!

Those days murder was very rare and Jaffna was very calm and very law abiding district, most propably, among all 24 districts of SL. Eventhough most of the people were middle class or poor but they manage their lives with respect and dignity. They respect others properties as well as their rights. They help each others and never hungry for others wealth.They tolerated their poverty and difficulties but never show any angry, hate and jealous towards others. They smile to others and try to keep their poverty and difficulties with themselves. They welcome visitors and share their food and drink with them and good/kind words.Their smile is the trade mark of Tamils.These traditions they follow for many 1000s of years as good and civilised people.

"Thirukural",which contains 1330 poems of 2 verses in 133 chapters which was written by "Thiruvalluvar" of Tamilnadu,India for more than 2000 years back was the guidebook or wisdom guide of most of the Tamils in the World. Most of the Tamils knowingly or unknowingly follow the wisdom and traditions of our oldest civilisation and their rich litteratures, language,religion and culture which can be example or model to other people to follow.

But when Sinhala governments, politicians, bureaucrats and Sinhala troops/police started to negatively discriminate on the basis of language,race,religion,traditions and culture, and harass everybody and suspect all of them as militants, everything started to change! Eventhough 97%
of the Tamils are still belive in non-vionlece,dialogue and political solution(opinion poll by NPC),
but all of them were treated as militants.That is the biggest mistake GOSL still doing by arresting, putting them in prison,torturing many innocent youths and impose enormous sufferings on them.Rather than winning hearts and minds of Tamil people they do the same mistake again and again! It made the youth to push them towards militancy and extremism! We hope this trend will soon change by a new approach and find a real political solution to the real problem of Srilanka.

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