Thursday, September 25, 2008


Social dialogue - Nadira Gunatilleke
Heading towards an upside down culture?
The International schools are mushrooming countrywide rapidly. The parents who are enslaved with colonial mentality put their children into these schools without a second thought. But we hear very disturbing news from various international schools.

According to some parents of some children attending International schools, their kids hate to speak and learn Sinhala, their mother tongue. The last subject they want is to learn Sinhala.

The information comes in the forms of videos, photographs, stories and various other ways. The most pathetic situation is not that. It is how the parents themselves describe the bad behaviour of their own children or the children of their close relations who attend some International schools.

Something very dangerous to the culture and traditions of Sri Lanka is growing rapidly within these institutions. This has been happening for a long time but only now it has come to the surface when functions, celebrations, parties and similar events that take place in public.

It is just like an iceberg. May be it is too late when we realise the gravity of the problem. The most dangerous thing is this. Sri Lanka may lose its identity if we let these ill trends grow and spread within our country and the society.

Recently Social Services and Social Welfare Deputy Minister Lionel Premasiri revealed to the media how some school girls work as prostitutes in order to pay their mobile phone bills. It is strange how they do it without the knowledge of their parents. One can call this as something isolated and ignore but how about the other facts and incidents? How about spreading this ill trend among the majority of other school girls?

According to some parents of some children attending International schools, their kids hate to speak and learn Sinhala, their mother tongue.

The last subject they want is to learn Sinhala.

Some mothers very proudly say this while some mothers say it very sadly. Both types of mothers know something is very wrong with their children's education but they have no desire to correct it.

They will realise the gravity of their ignorance only when their children migrate leaving them in elders homes. Then it will be too late for them. Then the only thing left for them is to blame the Government instead of blaming themselves for making monsters.

According to another mother, her nine year old son gives orders to her. He never respect his religion and do not obey the elders at all. What a fantastic development achieved through an International school. Now she questions herself for why she pays thousands of rupees to that school every term. To change her son to a brat from a normal kid ? She says she is just a maid to her son and nothing more than that. Recently some photographs from a few parties held at various International schools were circulated via email all over. Those photographs showed only one thing.

That is how desperate those school children were. One can describe their behaviour only in one way.

They were just acting in X rated films produced in a foreign land exposing their sick mentality. Millions of private and state sector employees forwarded those emails among their friends and enjoyed. Forwarding such emails and enjoying them is one of the very popular hobbies among private sector and some state sector employees.

These schoolchildren were in their teens and wearing outfits similar to beach wear.

They looked like drug addicts just escaped from a foreign prison. They were not dancing but acting as in a x-rated film. I have seen many photographs and videos of high school parties from foreign countries but none of them is similar to what we see here in Sri Lanka. No wonder we find murdered/raped school girls and properties damaged after such parties.

Luckily these ill trend setters do not have access to the state universities, national sports teams and other state institutions which represent Sri Lanka in the world. Because if we let it happen, that will be the end of Sri Lankan identity.

Then the world will recognise Sri Lanka as a nation that does not have a culture, discipline or history. Anyway we can get free publicity for child sex and sex tourism if we let these type of 'schoolchildren' represent Sri Lanka at International events.

Mother Lanka can only be very proud about real Sri Lankan youths like Ajantha Mendis who had been educated at outstation state schools and speaks Sinhala in front of the whole world.

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